3 Tips To Help You Consume Fewer Calories

Rather than avoid cooking on the grounds that food means extra pounds, learn how you can have an enviable figure, giving up calories… Instead of high-fat mayonnaise, opt for light version. You can apply the same strategy for the entire range of dairy products or sauces – generally, there are acceptable alternatives or substitutes. They taste great and, moreover, you get rid of excess calories!

Get an overview of your gastronomic experience. And when we say this, we mean both how to cook, and the type of pans and utensils you use in this process. Apply weight loss solutions that we offer and we guarantee that your will completely change the cooking way!

1. Teflon pans. For baking (bread, cakes, cookies), for barbecue, and even soups, used teflon pans and pots, which do not allow food or food sticking. Teflon pans are one of the small pleasures of life, because you can get rid of oil. Instead oil, less healthy and “full” calories, use a little wine, water or juice, depending on the recipe.

2. The method of cooking. Unsubscribe frying food and various ingredients – by frying, they are “loaded” with both toxins, as well as a greater number of calories.

3. Use a smaller amount of sugar or fat. An excellent method is to reduce the amount of sugar or fat that are a “call” your favorite recipes. For example, replace half the amount of oil needed for preparing a fruit cake with fruit puree, orange juice or apple.

For cakes or cookies, use less sugar (at least one third than is stipulated in the recipe). Also, to sweeten cereals with milk, no sugar used, but dried fruits. These tips can be applied successfully for a lot of wonderful recipes for puddings, syrups, muffins and other delicious desserts that you prepare.