Cacao is the Healthy Dark Chocolate without the Guilt

Healthy Cacao Powder

Researchers at Cornell University have shown that cocoa contains more antioxidants per cup than a similar serving of red wine or tea. The study adds to growing evidence of the health benefits of cocoa and points to a tasty alternative in the quest to maintain a diet rich in healthy antioxidants, chemicals that have been shown to fight cancer, heart disease and aging, the researchers say.

Using special analytical techniques to evaluate the total antioxidant content in each beverage, the researchers showed that, on a per serving basis, the antioxidant concentration in cocoa was the highest: It was almost 2 times stronger than red wine, 2-3 times stronger than green tea, and 4-5 times stronger than that of black tea.

Better Living Products now offers All Natural CACAO in a 85% concentration blend that is truely unique (click on picture). Add a spoon of this to your favorite drink or add to a 8 oz glass of warm water for a truly chocolate “guiltless” high while enjoying all the healthful benefits of healthy chocolate. Cacao is what chocolate is made from before it is processed. By drinking Cacao you bypass all the additives and sweeteners generally put into typical chocolate products while enjoying one of nature’s tasty pleasures.