Some Stress-Free Eating Habits Guidelines

Eating Healthy is a Choice

Eat Healthy to reduce stress

Everyone has to deal with a busy lifestyle nowadays but when it comes to your long term health, getting started sooner rather than later is a wise choice. Here’s some Stress-Free Eating Habits adopted from the Natural Health Bible:

* Give Yourself time off to eat, nurture your body and mind. Take a food “Time Out” to allow you enough time for enjoying each meal.

* Think about what foods will work with your body to optimize its potential. The best foods generally are organic, whole gains and less processed. Moreover, current healthy living diets suggests a large portion of vegetables, lentils and limited meat products (preferably organic meals or wild fish) topped off with fresh fruits/yogurt is a good approach.

* Find or create a positive place to eat. You want a healthy environment to enjoy your meal so as to lessen stress.

* Don’t eat if you are very anxious or angry. Cool off and go into eating with a good frame of mind.

* Eat Breakfast. During stressful times it is important keep your blood sugar level steady to sustain your mental as well as physical energy. Breakfast is an essential high- carbohydrate meal that will set you up for the day and keep you going for hours. If you starve yourself in the morning, it can play havoc with your blood sugar levels as the day progresses. Hint: A Smoothie using ZetaWize Super-Smoothie Fruit Powder Mix ( is a great complimentary booster too!

* Choose fresh food, preferably home cooked.

* Eat plenty of whole unprocessed foods, like oats, barley, rice, whole grain breads and cereals, fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds, sprouts, dried beans, and peas. Remember if you are trying to loose weight go light on the carbs.

* Eat fresh fruit and vegetables every day. Some experts recommend at least five servings a day.

* Don’t add salt to your food. It can stimulate a state of high blood pressure. If you must use Celtic Sea Salt.

* Don’t eat too many high sugar or fatty manufactured snacks. They have practically no nutritional value and can alter your moods and clog your digestive system.

* Replace unhealthy salty or sugary snacks, like potato chips, candy, cookies, and cakes, with healthy snacks, such as sunflower and pumpkin seeds or trail mixes. Mix seeds provide concentrated nourishment, and are packed with B-complex vitamins, calcium, iron, zinc, and protein. They are ideal for countering irritability, depression, and lack of energy. This healthy snack contains important nutrients to help maintain you under pressure. Bananas are another delicious, nutritious, and filling snack. Whole and nourishing, they are packed with minerals.

Your Body/Mind needs the appropriate and best-quality fuel to run at optimum performance levels. Don’t Sell Yourself Short. Include these Stress-Free Eating habits and start reaping the benefits of Living a Healthy Life Style.

How Not to Ruin Your Diet

It can be a frustrating experience for you to make good progress on your hard earned diet plan then experience a set-back. What usually happens? For several weeks, you have tried to not deviate from your diet, eating only foods “allowed” by sticking to a plan but then failing again by some minor compromise that seemed so innocent at first. Your supreme confidence is shaken now to enjoy your efforts to see the rewards. How can you avoid this unpleasant situation?

Here are some steps to be taken to prevent “scenario” that I just talked.

Not Acting on Impluses

Not Acting on Impluses Helpful

Do not act on an impulse. This tip refers to both the motivation of beginning a diet, and in its course. If you started a treatment just because you were upset this morning in front of the mirror it is a guarantee of failure. Before you take action informs you of what you are allowed to eat and what foods can be replaced (for example, which is an alternative for chicken breast? If you eat every day same thing at lunch time the momentum when you will fail is not at all far away).

No matter how efficient and loose is such a diet, you need will to accomplish. Beyond this, however, is not appropriate to force any note. In other words, if want badly to eat ice cream, do not refuse this pleasure. Condition is of course that then come back to system and possibly half an hour to do sports in addition to eliminate calories thus accumulated.

Avoid Weighting Yourself Daily

Avoid Weighting Daily

Do not weigh yourself every day. Is less depressing, given that weight loss is slow and not noticeable from the beginning (or at least that should happen). Even better would be to use your your own barometer for example, a pair of pants or a tight little skirt. If you not remove weight as you hoped, do not abandon the diet. The process of stimulating metabolism is one of time and better results can be seen in perspective.
Measure Progress By Familiar Things

Measure Diet Progress by Things Meaningful 2U

Besides being absolutely necessary to drink plenty of water, avoid coffee (even if it is unsweetened) and generally exciting products. Healthy Smoothies and Herbals are Exceptions if Naturally Made.