Six Tips To Help You Lose Weight

1. Enjoy your favorite foods!

Experts say it’s not good solution to blacklist a favorite food. We must not give up foods we love; instead we should become a smart buyer. Thus, instead of buying a box / bag (a larger quantity) of food that may increase your appetite; limit yourself to a few pieces. You can enjoy your favorite foods, even if they are high in calories. The solution is simply to eat them in moderation.

2. Protein at every meal!

Protein is more filling than carbohydrates or fats. A diet rich in protein and moderate carbohydrate intake combined with a regular exercise program is the solution offered by experts from the University of Illinois. A great protein intake preserves and encourages fat burning, muscle tone, maintaining a feeling of fullness over long periods. So do not forget to include protein into your healthy diet. Protein sources are: yogurt, cheese, nuts and beans.

3. Store only healthy foods in the kitchen!

If you have healthy options for snacks, easy to prepare and always at hand it will be much easier to lose weight. Instead of ordering a pizza or picking up fast-food. It’s better to have fresh or frozen vegetables, canned fruits, cereal, brown rice, etc..

4. Pass over pasta in favor of vegetables!

If you limit the consumption of pasta and bread and replace it with vegetables; this will help you lose weight over a few months.

5. Use non-food alternatives to cope with stress!

How do you cope with stressful periods? You’d better prepare before some non-food tactics to rely on when you’re stressed. A few suggestions are read a book, listen to music, write in a journal, practice meditative techniques or browse an album with photographs of people dear to you. Herbal Drinks like Kava can also be helpful in moderation.

6. Being active!
Do not use sports as punishment for a meal you just ate. You will sabotage yourself in a negative way every time. It is much better to think about the benefits that exercise can bring: well-being, restful sleep and a lot more energy and let’s not forget a toned body. Also, keep in mind that muscles burns fat!

How to not gain weight on vacation: 5 simple rules

Keep in mind these five simple strategies and you’ll be able to eat what you want and still not gain weight on vacation!

1. Plan in advance to schedule in workout activities or sports! A holiday should be a good time to do more exercise while you have plenty of extra time, do not whine! When you start your holiday plans, opt for places that allow you to incorporate exercise to keep yourself in shape. Remember that physical movement is your assurance that the extra calories will not deposit.

If running is not among your favorite sports, choose places where you can take long walks, go bike riding, practice water sports, tennis, basketball … Any sport that attracts you, schedule in an hour a day!

2. Prepare your food yourself! If you travel by train, plane or car, prepare the healthy food from home. Do not rely on the food options that you might find in route to your destination. Eat healthy before you hit the road and pack some sandwiches with grilled chicken, tomatoes and whole grain bread. Also, do not forget to pack fruits!

3. Pay attention when eating! Meals eaten out will be the biggest challenge for you. At home you know exactly what you put in the food that you prepare. When eating outside of your home, it’s difficult to know for sure what has been used to prepare the food selections you make. The solution is to select meats and vegetables which is steamed or grilled only. It is easy to control calories if you stay away from fried foods, carbonated juices and fat.

4. Treat yourself, but in moderation! If you abstain from all culinary desires you will have absolutely no satisfaction. So it is better to satisfy them, but in moderation. For example, if you have a craving for a delicious dessert and you know very well that is full of calories, divide it with someone. You can opt for a tightened with white wine, dry wine, champagne or a beer without alcohol.

Enjoy some summer sports – To Keep You Healthy


Make a Healthy Splash in Water!

Make a Healthy Splash in the Water with Aqua-Fitness

Aqua-Fitness is a real sport, welcome to tone your body. Can be practice at the pool and has the advantage that it is not necessary need to know to swim very well. Aquafitness is very relaxing and easy to practice. The exercises include movements, turns, pedaling, lifting of the arms and legs. To improve your strength. Your muscles will be determined to work opposing the natural resistance of water.
Aqua-Fitness 4 Health

Water Exercising for Wellness without the Joint Jolt

A session lasts an average of forty-five minutes: ten minutes to heat, half an hour of exercise, then another five to stretch and relax muscles. Before starting any exercise, take the position: legs slightly bent in front and straight back. Keep in mind that you do not need too much effort or overloading your muscles during exercise.
Aqua-Fitness Fun

Aqua-Fitness Fun and Exercise for a Healthy LifeStyle

Benefits of swimming

Regard swimming, no contraindications for this activity requires no welfare payments. In contrast, gentle tone, firm muscles and restoring your body. Swimming maintain your figure and tone, stimulate circulation, massaging easy curves and sensitive points. Another advantage of swimming is that it eliminates stress so you feel more lively after the quarter hour spent in the water.

If you go to the pool tonight, avoid swimming after lunch. Swimming between 17 and 19 hours will eliminate stress and cut your appetite, avoiding snacks between lunch and dinner. If you want to fully enjoy your swim portion, your contact lenses and jewelry before entering the water. To protect your hair from chlorine it contains the water in the pool, you should cover it. When you return to the pool, remember to use a moisturizing lotion immediately after showering.

From Water to Beach

Consider a Beach Run on the Sand

Besides these three sports, you can opt for water jogging. The sand is an excellent ground to develop your leg muscles. This type of jogging is recommended if you want to develop your muscles, feet and have strong thighs and buttocks. In addition, heart rate improves your blood circulation.


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Enjoy Some Summer Sports and KEEP EATING HEALTHY!