How to not gain weight on vacation: 5 simple rules

Keep in mind these five simple strategies and you’ll be able to eat what you want and still not gain weight on vacation!

1. Plan in advance to schedule in workout activities or sports! A holiday should be a good time to do more exercise while you have plenty of extra time, do not whine! When you start your holiday plans, opt for places that allow you to incorporate exercise to keep yourself in shape. Remember that physical movement is your assurance that the extra calories will not deposit.

If running is not among your favorite sports, choose places where you can take long walks, go bike riding, practice water sports, tennis, basketball … Any sport that attracts you, schedule in an hour a day!

2. Prepare your food yourself! If you travel by train, plane or car, prepare the healthy food from home. Do not rely on the food options that you might find in route to your destination. Eat healthy before you hit the road and pack some sandwiches with grilled chicken, tomatoes and whole grain bread. Also, do not forget to pack fruits!

3. Pay attention when eating! Meals eaten out will be the biggest challenge for you. At home you know exactly what you put in the food that you prepare. When eating outside of your home, it’s difficult to know for sure what has been used to prepare the food selections you make. The solution is to select meats and vegetables which is steamed or grilled only. It is easy to control calories if you stay away from fried foods, carbonated juices and fat.

4. Treat yourself, but in moderation! If you abstain from all culinary desires you will have absolutely no satisfaction. So it is better to satisfy them, but in moderation. For example, if you have a craving for a delicious dessert and you know very well that is full of calories, divide it with someone. You can opt for a tightened with white wine, dry wine, champagne or a beer without alcohol.